Urban Self-Protection

Our goal in the design and application of a Combative fighting system was to return to basics and teach our students how to improvise and problem solve. Let's face it, most Martial Arts are really cool, but are often filled with hundreds of moves that take a lifetime to learn and perfect. In today's modern world, most people just don't have the time, or the money to invest in something that isn't overly effective. Anyone who has been in, or seen a real violent confrontation can tell you that it looked and/or felt nothing like karate or what was being taught in the dojo. Your attackers are training on the streets taking real punches. So, where should you be training?

Our second approach was to create a system that changed the perception of what 'self-defence' really is. The word 'defence' often indicates a situation in which you are required to provide a physical response to some type of stimulus, or attack. What about concepts that are more in line with taking a offensive stance, or one of avoidance and escape? Options that are made possible through awareness of your environment, an understanding of attack psychology, dialogue and body language, which enable you to react to such events before a physical option is the only one that you have left. This is why top instructors feel that the term 'Self-Protection' has more meaning and a lot more to offer.

You may be surprised to learn that our Urban Combatives training doesn't focus on a bunch of fancy moves. Instead, we based our training on the principle of developing your problem solving skills to train your mind and body to improvise, adapt, and manipulate your attacker so that you can create tactically sound techniques based on the specifics of your given situation.

Urban Combat Tactics are the core element of what we teach. We know that crime and being a victim are not easy topicd but; itís better to have the skills and not need them than need the skills and not have them. Unlike MMA gyms, traditional martial arts schools or fitness centers, we combine the techniques that work on the street ... where you need them ... The Urban Jungle.

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